Pack as if you are going camping

By Justin Yates [feather_share]

Moving home is an eventful day to say the least, getting all the paperwork signed, setting your removal date and finding the right removal company are all parts of moving home that you can be assured to experience. The last thing you want on the day of your move is to have packed the contract for your new home, the deeds to your house or even the breakfast cutlery for the morning of your move.

That’s why it’s important to pack as if you are going camping. Regardless of whether your removal company is doing the packing for you or whether you have opted to pack your home yourself it is important to collate your essential belongings and last minute items together and store them in one part of your home that is clearly set aside for last minute bits. Our philosophy behind this is that you should imagine that you are going camping for the night of your move in your own home. You’ll need to keep out a set of cutlery, plates and bowels for your evening meal and breakfast, tooth brush, shaver and phone charger to name a few. Only keep out the essentials that you will need for that night in the same way that you only pack necessary items when you go camping.

On the day of your move, have a couple of removal boxes already prepared to put these last minute bits into and clearly label “LAST MINUTE REMOVAL BOX”. Tell your removal company that this removal box holds your essentials and they will ensure that this is the last box to go onto the van which means it will be the first box to come off at your new property. That way, you are sure to know that for the first night in your new home you will have all the essentials that you require without the need of turning your new home upside down, emptying every box looking for that essential item!

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