Checklist For Moving From the UK to Norway

By Aidan Rumble [feather_share]

Checklist moving to Norway from UK

Norway is a very beautiful, clean country with an exceptionally high standard of living and makes a very popular place to move to. Because it is a smaller country there can be a skills shortage in some areas and that can make it easier to find employment. However, before you move to Norway from the UK, here are a number of points to consider.

Have you explored the different areas of Norway?

Before jumping straight in to moving to Norway, take some time to explore the country and its cities, towns and rural areas. Some of the cities, such as Oslo, are cosmopolitan environments, with a high percentage of English speakers, and everything you would expect from a modern city. However, the countryside can be a very beautiful wilderness, isolated and often difficult to travel around due to the inclement weather.

Are you ready for the climate?

Norway is a land of extremes, from the hours of sunlight, to the variation in temperature; the weather conditions vary between inland and coastal areas, as well as north and south. Inland the winter temperature can drop to -30° C, but in the summer might reach 28°C. Along the coast the weather is less extreme, but frequently windy and rainy. In the summer darkness hardly falls (blackout blinds are essential!), and in the winter the shortest day is only about 5 hours of daylight (or no daylight in the extreme north), which can lead to depression.

Are you ready for the high cost of living?

Once you are earning a Norwegian salary in a decent job then the cost of living isn’t so much of a problem, but until then costs compared to the UK are considerably higher. If you are renting property you may be expected to pay 3 month’s rent in advance.

Can you speak Norwegian?

Most of the population of Norway understand English to a good level, however you can not rely on that and if you want to settle into the country it is very advisable to learn the language before you move.

How long are you planning to stay?

Depending on your length of stay there are different requirements. Up to 3 months no visa is required if you are a UK or EU citizen. If you are staying longer than 3 months then you need to complete a registration through the UDI application portal.

To work in Norway you will need a valid passport and an employment certificate completed by your employer, called an ansettelsesbevis.

To study in Norway you need your valid passport, the admission confirmation from an approved educational institution, a personal declaration stating that you can financially support yourself, and either your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) or proof of private health insurance that covers you in Norway.

Can you bring your personal possessions into Norway?

Norway is not a member of the European Union, so different regulations apply when moving to Norway from the UK. All importing has to go through the Norwegian Customs Regulations. You can import your household possession into Norway is you have owned them for at least 12 months before your move date. You will be required to create a detailed inventory in both English and Norwegian and to have completed a copy of the Norwegian customs declaration form (RG-124). These two items need to be accompanied by a copy of your passport.

Are you taking pets?

Pet passports are valid in Norway, but there are additional permits and guidance is available here. Dogs, cats and ferrets must be ID marked and have a valid anti-rabies vaccination.

It is illegal to import most exotic animals to Norway, but there are some exceptions that are listed on the website above. You will need an import permit if you wish to take caged birds, rabbits or small rodents.

Can you bring your car to Norway?

Importing of motor vehicles can be an expensive process as an import duty and tax of approximately 105% of the vehicle’s value is levied. You must have owned the car for 12 months previously and not sell it for a further 24 months.


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