What are the advantages of hiring a man and van company in London?

By Matt Williams [feather_share]

JamVans Man & Van Removals in London

If you are on the move in London and only have a few items or just a small studio flat that you need to up sticks across town or even the country then the likelihood is you are weighing up the different options available to you, keep reading below to find out the benefits of hiring a London man and van company to assist with your move.

Moved yourself before and don’t fancy doing it again?

So, you have decided to give it a go at moving yourself. After all, what could go wrong and you could save a few pounds at the same time, right?

There are plenty of factors involved with moving yourself. Firstly, you will need to hire a van, this can generally cost around £130 for the day. You will then need to drive or get public transport to the van hire company to be there for a certain time to collect your removals vehicle. Now you will need to recruit a few pals for the day to give you a hand as you won’t be able to move everything on your own. Don’t don’t worry, you will always have an abundance of friends willing to give up their Saturday off to help with a bit of manual labour all day for very little in return, right?

What could go wrong when moving yourself?

You’ve got your van and your friends, let the moving home commence. Everything starts well and this whole moving process doesn’t seem too difficult, that’s until you reach the triple reclining leather sofa that won’t go out the door after 45 minutes of attempting it. This is then to be followed by a further 45 minutes of dismantling the sofa to then eventually get it out the property.

Now it’s time for the unload. Ten minutes in of unloading your property into your newly decorated first floor flat you realise that you are not the young athletic nineteen-year-old you use to be, you are now starting to regret the decision to move. It’s okay, though, because you are nearly done. All you need to do now go back to the other property to get the bits you couldn’t fit it and drop the van back to the hire company. That’s before they shut and get charged another day, spend another twenty-five pounds refuelling it. The you owe your pals with beer and pizza that evening. Don’t forget that the marks on the wall and the sofa need touching up as well. Maybe moving yourself wasn’t the best idea after all.

Use our man and van services at JamVans after all, it’s what we do

When choosing JamVans to carry as your London man and van company you are relieving yourself of the strain and pressure of your move. We will supply you with the correct quality boxes and packaging materials. We will then book your move for a fixed arrival time. Wardrobe boxes, carpet protection, and furniture covers will be provided on the day to get your belongings in and out with minimum risk. With our expertise in delivering sofas and furniture for major suppliers, if necessary we have the knowhow and expertise to dismantle and re-assemble your settee in no time.

Once you have added the cost of your van hire, fuel, redecorating and pizza for you mates, not to mention the hassle that you have been through all day. It really is important to weigh up the real cost of moving yourself. With our competitive prices for man and van removals in London, JamVans can help with a far more efficient and better value for money move. Take a look at our quote calculator to get a quote for your move now, or give us a call on 0208 166 1665.