Storage FAQs

Have a question about storage, we have the answer.

If I need more storage space, is it possible to put more items in my storage container?

If there is space remaining in your storage container then this is not a problem.  Our storage is modular, if your content reduces, the amount of containers reduce, you only pay for what you need, unlike self storage facilities. Speak to a member of our team to book a collection.

Is there a minimum monthly charge for storage?

We charge storage on a weekly basis; therefore you only pay for what you need.

How can I ensure that my property is safe in store?

Our warehouses are manned, have CCTV, are temperature controlled and the site is secure.  All visitors are required to be let though the gates by a member of staff upon a booking.

How is my property protected whilst in storage?

As we carry out the removal into and out of storage, we are able to leave your property wrapped in our blankets and covers whilst in storage at no additional charge. This is not an option at most self storage companies in London. Insurance cover is also available for your content whilst in our storage.

Can I access my items whilst in storage?

Yes, you can access your storage containers at any point whilst in storage providing that we are open. You will need to book and we require 2 working days notice. If you require regular access we recommend a more traditional self storage company.

Is there a limit to how long I can have my property in JamVans’ storage?

There is no limit, you can store with JamVans for as long as you like.

Is insurance included whilst my items are in storage?

Insurance cover is available for your belongings whilst in our storage.