Commercial services FAQs

Need some help with your commercial move, take a look at our FAQ’s to find the answer.

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Are you willing to do moves outside of normal office hours?

Yes, we can start at whatever time suits your business, whether that is 6am in the morning, on a Sunday or Bank Holiday, we do the best to accommodate your every need.

Can you assist with helping to reduce downtime?

We understand that when a business has to shut down to move that time is money. Therefore we can work with you, whether that means putting more staff on your move to complete it faster, or assisting with packing and un-packing.

Do you have a way of protecting screens and computers?

With your office move we have heavy duty screen protectors that slide over the screen and bespoke computer crates, designed to be big enough to box a tower, screen, keyboard and mouse all in one place.

Can you assist with packing everything up?

Yes, we can pack everything for you if needed. With most office moves, each employee packs their desks area, whilst we pack all the storage cabinets, files, books and kitchen areas etc. This is for simplicity so that the employee knows where their belongings are to get set up quickly and reduce downtime.

Is our property insured during the move?

We have standard liability cover up to £50,000 per move. Any additional cover would need to be declared and we can quote separately for this.

How would you move a server?

We often ask your tech team to disconnect and prepare this for transport, then we will do the rest. If you need technical support, we have companies that we work with to assist if necessary.

Do you have crate hire for office moves?

Yes, we will let you know how many crates are needed during your survey, we will then arrange collection and delivery.

When will we receive our quote?

Within 24 hours of the surveyor visiting you.

Are there any extra charges?

We quote a fixed price for every job, no hourly rates. This way you know exactly what you have to pay.

Can you dump or recycle furniture?

Yes. We work with a local hospice and other Charities to re-home your items. Alternatively we can also quote to dispose of these for you.

Some of our desks and office furniture needs dis-mantling or taking down, will you do this for us?

Yes not a problem. Discuss these items during the survey and we will let you know whether these items are free or chargeable. Any items they are chargeable will be quoted separately so you can choose.

How much notice do we need to give you before we move?

Typically most exchange and completions happen with two weeks’ notice so we start to get booked up this far in advance. But we often have space available less than two weeks so give us a call and we can let you know our availability.

When should we get a quote?

The sooner the better. It’s best to get a quote so you know the cost of your office move. We can also provide boxes in the early stages of moving so you can have a sort out. Don’t worry if there are items you may be getting rid of, just point them out during the survey and we will simply exclude them from the quote.