10 Things to Know Before Moving Home

By Matt Williams [feather_share]

JamVans Man & Van Removals in London

Moving home can be a stressful and financially draining process, here are our top 10 things to consider before you final moving day.

  1. Be ruthless and dispose of, sell or donate any belongings that you don’t require in your new property. This will save on additional removal company costs as well as a time for you to declutter. Moving home is a chance for a fresh start, most people do not realise the number of items they have accumulated over the years until they come to move. It is especially important to de-clutter if you are downsizing to a smaller property.
  1. It is common courtesy to ensure that you leave your property empty and clear of all belongings. Be sure to check your contract, as you may be liable to for the cost of removals and cleaning if your property is left in an unsatisfactory condition.
  1. Be sure to update your address with the correct service providers TV licence, bank and building society, insurance providers and any other investments you may have. Take advantage of the Royal Mail redirection service to make sure that you do not miss any of your mail. You need to register for Council Tax at your new home, if you are unsure of the council you will be living within, find out more on the Government website.
  1. When choosing your removal company you will find there is a vast array of removal companies available. It is a good idea to receive several quotes and always enquire as to whether insurance is included, as sometimes what seems the cheapest option is not the most cost-effective. At JamVans we are a member of the British Association of Removers which is the industry body for removal services in the UK. Good in transit insurance cover is included with our moves.
  1. Most people wish to sell their homes quickly, therefore it is important to select the best estate agent that markets your property in the most appealing way. One way that you can help with this is to make your property more appealing my making the rooms look larger. Did you know that at JamVans we have storage that you can use to declutter your home prior to your move?
  1. If you are moving into a rental property, it is good practice to take photos of the property of any damage before you move in. This way you can protect yourself from any charges for damage that you have not caused.
  1. Did you know that your removal company can pack everything up for you? At JamVans we offer a full packing service so you don’t have to lift a finger. If you wish to pack some of your belongings yourself then we can also offer a fragile packing service, with this we will pack any chinaware, glassware, pictures and mirrors. It is worth considering your time packing up and any days off work that you may need to take when comparing against the packing costs.
  1. To ensure a smooth transition to your move, here at JamVans we offer additional boxes and packaging materials within the cost of your move. It’s a good idea to hold up on purchasing expensive poor quality boxes from elsewhere before you have received your quotes for your move.
  1. For removals in and around London, it can be difficult to guarantee parking on the day of your move. The majority of councils in London have the option of accessing a parking suspension which enables you to save the space directly outside the property. Take a look at our parking pages to guide you with the correct parking requirements in your area.
  1. There are many different elements and things to remember when moving home that we could not get everything down to just ten points. That’s why we introduced our tips and advice section to our website, here you can view extensive advice on FAQs, packing guides and parking guides. You can also take advantage of our online chat facility to assist you with any queries regarding your moving process.

We hope that you find our top ten tips helpful. At JamVans we have plenty of experience in removals, storage and man and van service, give us a call now on 0208 166 1665 or contact us today if you’re on the move.