A Checklist for Moving House in London

By Matt Williams [feather_share]

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Preparation and planning are key to any move. Why not use our handy guide to help you work through a checklist of things you may need to consider and do prior to the final moving day?

Six weeks before your move

  • Confirm the completion date of your move
  • If you currently live in rented accommodation, be sure to check your tenancy agreement to know what notice period you need to provide to your landlord – Top Tip: Complete your research online about tenancy agreements 
  • Notify relevant companies of your departure and change of address including: utility companies, doctors, dentists, solicitors, banks and insurance providers
  • Start de-cluttering, throw away anything you no longer need, sell or donate to a local charity

Four weeks before your move

  • Search around for a free, no-obligation removal quote, booking early ensures you can get hire the removal company of your choice
  • Book extra storage if required
  • Discuss your packing needs with your chosen removal company, don’t forget those additional furniture covers or boxes
  • Research into any parking restrictions at either your current or new address, contact local authorities to arrange parking suspensions if required

Three weeks before your move

  • Be sure to let all family and friends know of your final move date
  • Book any overnight stays if your move is long distance
  • Cancel any local memberships, for example, gym memberships especially if you are moving out of the area
  • Arrange for any disconnections you may require such as gas cookers, washing machines or any other appliances
  • Notify the Post Office of your change of address and ensure all future post is redirected to the new address
  • Arrange for someone to look after your children and pets on the moving day

Two weeks before your move

  • Now is a good time to start parking – why not take a look at our packing guides for tips and advice
  • If you have opted for a removal company to pack for you, start organising and grouping belongings into certain rooms
  • Deregister from your doctor and dentists and be sure to enquire about a new health practice
  • If necessary notify your newsagent and milkman that you will be moving
  • Start running down freezer and food cupboard

One week before your move

  • Confirm arrival times and final arrangements with your removal company, don’t forget to discuss directions or provide the postcode to your new property
  • Ensure you have all parking regulations or suspensions in place
  • Start dismantling any flat pack furniture
  • Contact a locksmith to arrange new locks to be fitted on your property

Three days before your move

  • Complete any last minute and essential laundry
  • Label spare keys clearly and leave in a secure place ready for the final moving day
  • Keep your essential items to one side, make sure your removals company are aware that these items are not to be packed
  • Pack a light box of essential items for the first few days in your new property (include hot drinks, snacks, basic cutlery, crockery, first aid kit and toiletries)
  • Ensure all disconnections to any appliances have been completed

Two days before your move

  • Defrost and unplug your fridge and freezer
  • Pack important documents and be sure to keep them in a safe place – Top Tip: Do not pack important documents away in boxes, keep them in the car with you for easy access
  • Make a list of important contact details for example removal company, estate agent, solicitor etc.
  • Confirm with your estate agent or landlord a collection time and date for receiving the keys to your new property

One day before your move

  • All packing should be complete by now
  • If you have chosen for a removal company to pack for you, it is likely that they will arrive today to start packing
  • Walk around your property with the removal team and be sure to point out any items that require special attention or are fragile
  • Complete a pre moving day check of cupboards, sheds, garage, and the loft to ensure nothing is left behind

Moving day

  • Welcome your removal team, show them around your property, identify the items that are to be loaded into the van and anything that is to be left in the property
  • Make sure you are around whilst your property is being loaded into the removal vehicle
  • Complete a final clean of the house
  • Drop the children and pets off at arranged location
  • Make a note of all required meter readings (Gas and Electric)
  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked and keys are left in a visible place for the new homeowners
  • Leave any information that may be useful for the new occupier for example, where is the fuse box, electric and gas meter
  • Gather all of your last minute essentials and keep them in a safe place
  • Complete a walk around of the property with the team to ensure everything has been loaded into the removal vehicle. Top tip: don’t forget to check the shed, garage, and garden
  • Ensure your removal company are clear on which boxes are assigned to what rooms
  • Remember to sign the relevant paperwork with your removal company once everything is unloaded into the property

Once you have arrived in your new home

  • Aim to be there when your removal team arrives – be sure to show them where you would like boxes to go
  • Make sure all appliances including electric, water, and gas are working correctly
  • Make sure your locksmith arrives to change all of the locks on your new property
  • Once the removal team are finished, check the inside of the van to make sure all of your belongings are removed
  • Don’t try and unpack everything today – unpack the essentials and leave the rest of the next couple of days
  • If you have moved locally, once you have unpacked, call us and we can arrange a free box and furniture cover collection
  • Check with your local Post Office that your mail is being re-directed
  • Arrange for your phone, TV and broadband providers to organise a connection in your new home
  • Most importantly, relax, arrange of moving in party for friends and family, enjoy a glass of champagne and get to know your neighbours

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