Antiques and Fine Art Storage Solutions

By Claire Atkins [feather_share]

fine art and antiques storage London and Hertfordshire

There’s no point taking extra special care when moving your fine art and antiques if they aren’t going to be stored properly. Inadequate storage arrangements can result in damaged items and a loss of value. It is imperative that you ensure your precious pieces are stored in specialised, secure facilities if you aren’t ready to take possession of them.

There could be a number of reasons why you need storage for your antiques and fine art.  It could be that you aren’t ready to move into your new property yet, or that you’ve downsized, and don’t have room for them at the moment.  You may be an antiques dealer or gallery looking for temporary storage before shipping the antiques to your client. Or it may simply be that the prized possessions don’t fit in with the look and feel of your current home, but you don’t want to be parted from them.

Fine art and antiques need a special type of storage facility and you may find that most self storage companies are not quite up to standard.

We can ensure the correct storage environment for your antiques and art in both London and Hertfordshire, on both a long and short-term basis and then deliver them to you safely when required.

We can keep your items secure in state of the art storage facilities in London and Hertfordshire.  Our  are insulated and temperature controlled, with electronic entry systems, alarmed security, fire alarm systems and CCTV coverage guaranteeing you reassurance that your antiques are in safe hands.

fine art and antiques storage London and Hertfordshire

If you are choosing a self-storage facility then we advise that you check the following provisions are in place:-

  • Is the temperature controlled? Climate control is essential if you want to keep your antiques in great condition. You may require that a dehumidifier is in place to stop damp getting to your items.
  • Are there carts or trolleys available for your use to transport your fine art or furniture – you don’t want to damage it by dropping it. And often these facilities are on many levels, so is there a lift available?
  • Is the insurance sufficient at your storage depot? Check that they have their own insurance, or if you are required to have additional insurance covering accidental damage to your precious possessions.
  • How secure is the facility? These are valuable items you are storing and it is essential that you can trust they are being kept as safe as possible.  Are the premises alarmed, is there CCTV, any security guards? Make sure you have peace of mind.
  • Keep an inventory of everything you have placed in store – you do not want anything to go missing!

If in any doubt at all, why not give us a ring and talk through your requirements.  We can offer help and advice, the right sort of storage and packing and removal services too.