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Every council in London has to allow 20 minutes for loading/unloading in resident bays or on yellow lines (loading restrictions may apply). However, with this rule the activity has to be continuous and as nearly all moves take longer than this permitted time we need to organise one of the following:

Parking on move day

Suspension: This is where the parking outside your property in a resident permit zone can be reserved for a specific amount of time. Yellow signs are placed on the posts to mark out clearly the space reserved, and only registration plates on the suspension booking can park there. You can only reserve parking whilst a restriction is in place.

Cost: £78 admin fee plus £16.80 per space per day

Notice period: 14 days notice required.


Permission to park anywhere in resident zone or single yellow lines

If we were to simply park on the road, there are a few things to consider; Are you able to reserve enough space for the removal vehicle to park close enough? If not, then a suspension may be the only option. If so, then it’s important to still display a valid permit.

You do not necessarily need to suspend a bay to move house. Vehicle being loaded or unloaded as part of a removal can park on a single yellow line or a permit bay for free provided there are no local loading restrictions and that the loading is continuous. The advantage of a having a suspension for a house removal is that you are guaranteed a space outside or near to the property. Vehicles may not wait in a suspended bay unless the vehicle registration number has been listed on the application form and agreed by Traffic Management.

Parking on packing day (if applicable)

As we don’t need to get parked directly outside the property on this day, it is often more cost effective to display a visitor voucher. We cannot park under the domestic Haringey House removal scheme if there will be breaks in between the loading and unloading, which in this case for packing there would be a period of inactivity so this leaves firstly the most cost effective option of a visitor voucher, or a parking suspension, or lastly in this case if a voucher isn’t available it would be cheaper to risk a ticket.


Got red lines outside?

Although these roads may be within your council boundaries, they are managed by Transport for London. Red routes make up 5% of London’s roads, but carry 30% of their traffic so a specific set of rules apply. Please click here for details on the options that apply.

Page last updated 8th November 2016